orchestra6...a lofty title for what essentially is a series of accidents and flukes. it all began with a purchase of some digital audio recording software. the original intention was to enhance personal practice sessions. the software had a learning curve, and advice was sought at the appropriate support forum. whilst browsing for answers, it was discovered that users of the software and the forum were collaborating, making music of their own design, and enlisting each other for instrumental support where needed. some of these folks were amateur "bedroom studio" composers, while others were obvious professionals who were happy and excited to be a part of such a thing as producing music based on musicianship alone--no meetings, no group rehearsals, no verbal contact really whatsoever. one of these wizards was both, one ian rushton , who began as a recording hobbyist, and now heads his own production company. ian has released several albums based on this internet collaboration paradigm. geoff begged ian for a part on one album, and was granted a spotlight track on two releases...but not before his introduction to the process when kevin evans (she'll look to you, ennui, the last son) asked geoff to provide some dobro for the tune he was working on. geoff was given only two sliced eight bar sections to go on, and based on that he became a part

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