of the tune "easy" (first tune on the player.) after this first foray into internet collaboration, geoff became active for a bit, seeking songwriting with mister evans, and also including such diverse talents as vocalists annemarie borg (rest a while) and tony murphy (slippery) in the u.k., wim koopman providing smooth sax from holland, nick crosby (guitar on slippery and she'll look to you) and lenny lee (bass on slippery) from new york state, joe bush (drums and organ on she'll look to you) from connecticut, joe wilk (guitar solo on restricted behaviour2, and resident numnutz) from maryland, and but of course finally the amazing vocals of brooke fleming and miriam berraisoul --they're featured on the track "restricted behaviour part 2". brooke recorded her part from studio6 in california, and miriam recorded hers all the way in germany.

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