geoff's introduction to music came early...his father was already an established guitar picker on the local scene when geoff was born, and pickin' was a common sound in the household. by age three, since his father had given proper instruction on the operation of a turntable and the proper handling of records, geoff was already playing chet atkins records.

so, naturally it follows that geoff took some saxophone instruction in elementary school. this in itself marks a disturbing trend--that of not following accepted norms or expected paths. geoff abandoned the sax after a couple of years, and began his guitar focus around age 13. by his senior year in high school, he was playing guitar (second act) and drums (first act) in the spring musical "godspell." this marks another disturbing trend--that of the multi-instrumentalist.

from there, geoff went nuts. he blew a whole junior college career on obscure music classes, jazz improvisation, playing flute in chamber music ensembles (incidentally, flute is NOT a chamber instrument, especially when played in a string quartet...), playing guitar in the jazz big band (a superfluous spot indeed) and playing in as many small groups as he could find--c&w, mariachi, tex-mex, rock, fusion, was during this time that geoff would occasionally sit, slack-jawed, and watch his father spar with bob kolb in manic dobro duels; the sparring that planted the seeds of a resophonic future. this site represents music created or recorded since 2005.