...acknowledging the following friends:

joe wilk is a wizard and a true star
norm's "reflections on the garcia"
ian rushton--black sands the cd and the website.
wim koopman plays saxophone and also paints.
tin cat builds a better mouse trap
nick crosby oozes swamp tone
miriam berraissoul has wonderful music on her page
vinnie richardson will take you to grooveLevel2
tim goodacre is benign
bob yordan develops plug-ins for digital recording, mixing, mastering, available here
neil bonfield plays RokGeetar
annemarie borg, chanateuse extraordinaire
phil donald supplies minimal cheese
andrew townsend has good musical stuff at his rubato website
dave smith will rock you if you let him, so watch out
mr groove is the alter-ego of marcel ritsema, both are groovy
visit planet doezer, where the sound soaks into your mind
dave keir's place is nice and folksy---do stop by
lenny lee ackley plays it fastnloose...click and find out
ask steve shufton a question and he's liable to answer it
dave nelson still rides with the new riders of the purple sage
raygun studio will blow your mind
east coast singer-songwriter mark petruzzi is on cloudstreet
misha ck. serves up eclectic music, sung in russian
if it has strings, scott kent is liable to play it, with or without a steel in his hand