the other jacksons were formed long ago, when friends croppie jackson and freemont jackson began sharing their original tunes with open mic audiences. through the years they developed songwriting projects, first performing as a duo, then later adding various musicians to flesh out the sound. in 2008, croppie jackson desired to move the other jacksons from a project group to a fully dedicated rock band that features original music. that's where geoff came in. after witnessing dobrocat's versatility and enthusiasm first hand, croppie offered dobrocat the bass chair and dobrocat became "two sheds" jackson. the current line-up is a quintet that has croppie and freemont as a foundation, rounded out with lucky jackson on the electric lead guit-box, bubba j jackson on the skins and latent chimp calls. the other jacksons are currently recording their first CD, and anticipate playing a venue near you soon.