Geoff Van Maastricht has been called a "jack-of-all-trades". This is patently untrue. He could be considered a "jack-of-some-trades". He spent time in his youth as a factotum, moving from job to job while studying. During this time he worked as a laborer, in the theater as a stage hand and lighting tech, as an audio engineer, in several print shops, etc. He has that quality of being able to adapt to new things in an unconventional way. After years spent in the trades, he taught himself how to thrive in an Information Technology envrionment. This site is a showcase of highlights. The music page features recordings made on his homemade digital audio workstation, where he recorded himself playing both live as well as virtual instruments. Some of the recordings were a result of file sharing with musicians from around the globe. The blog page has articles on his journey through ethical hacking. Feel free to return often to see the changes.